Big Bucks for Small Change: 2019-W Quarter Coin Hunt

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U.S. Mint Has Launched National “Coin Hunt,” Coin Dealers Get in on The Fun

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COLONIE, N.Y (4/26/19) — A local coin shop is offering to pay $500 to the first customer who brings a new “W” quarter into their store to sell.

Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co., located at 199 Wolf Road, is offering the well-above value price in order to create excitement for coin collecting in the Capital Region, allowing anyone the opportunity to find “treasure” among their pocket change.

"These days, there are probably more people collecting coins on video games than in real life,” said Mike Dozois, managing partner of Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. “The U.S. Mint has helped create new collectors with its 50 states and National Park series. And this latest 'W' quarter coin hunt is such a great idea, we wanted to make it even more fun for our customers by offering a special incentive.”


The U.S. Mint is launching into circulation a limited amount of America the Beautiful series quarters with the “W” mint mark – a first for the U.S. Mint in 227 years of minting coins.

The “W” denotes that the quarters were produced at the West Point Mint in New York's Hudson Valley. While West Point has produced quarters in the past, they didn’t have a mint mark and were indistinguishable from Philadelphia quarters.

The mint mark will eventually appear on all five of the 2019 America the Beautiful series quarters. Two million of each quarter in the series will have the “W” mint mark, meaning 10 million total quarters will have the special mark. So far, two styles of the 2019-W coins have been released to selected cities in 29 states nationwide and should start appearing in circulation soon. Boston and New York City are the closest cities to the Capital Region to have received the coins on April 1.

"There are currently 4 million 2019-W quarters out there right now for you to find," Dozois said. "More will be released soon."

Rules & Restrictions

Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. is offering to purchase, for $500, one “W” Quarter from the first customer who brings one into the Wolf Road shop for exchange. This is an in-store only, first come, first served offer.

The seller will be paid via check and must be age 18 or older to make this sale. Minors may participate in this coin hunt under supervision of their parent or legal guardian. Checks will only be issued to those age 18+ with proof of ID.

For a full list of rules and restrictions, visit:


The U.S. Mint released the “W” Quarters in advance of the “Great American Coin Hunt” as part of National Coin Week, April 21 to April 27.

A number of coin dealers throughout the nation have been sneakily using rare coins, that are still legal tender, to pay for items or to leave as tips.

Dozois has a stack of silver quarters and dimes, buffalo nickels and “Indian Head” pennies that he’s been spending over the last week. The coins are nominally valuable, “So keep your eyes on your change,” he said.


Trusted since 1930, Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. buys and sells gold and silver bullion, rare coins, flatware and paper currency, as well as gold and platinum jewelry for resale, repair or recycle. Four in-house experts offer appraisals for personal and estate collections, including diamonds, and can assist with getting each piece proper insured.

In 1930, husband and wife Charlie & Arlene Ferris opened Ferris Stamp in downtown Albany, N.Y. at 402 Broadway. Later they incorporated coins into their business model as Ferris Stamp and Coin. In the 1960s, after her husband died, Mrs. Ferris sold the business to Wendell C. Williams who relocated the shop to Lark Street before relocating again to 114 Central Ave. in 1976.

The business re-opened in its fourth location at 199 Wolf Road in August 2017.

Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. is the only authorized United States Mint bullion coin seller in the Capital Region.

In 2018, Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. launched a nationwide contest to design a silver coin-shaped medal honoring Albany’s famous African American World War I hero, Sgt. Henry Johnson. The winning design artist was Chris Costello of Arlington, Mass. Costello's artwork has appeared on 23 U.S. coins and medals, including one Congressional Gold Medal.


Business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m to 3 p.m. The store is closed Saturdays during summer. The store phone number is (518) 434-3860. Email:

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