“W” Quarter Coin Hunt 2019


Ferris Coin to Pay $500 for First W Quarter Brought to Our Store

UPDATE: We have a winner! (Read more.)

The U.S. Mint is launching into circulation a limited amount of America the Beautiful quarters with the “W” mint mark – a first for the U.S. Mint in 227 years of minting coins. The “W” denotes that the quarters were produced at the West Point Mint. While West Point has produced quarters in the past, they didn’t have a mint mark and were indistinguishable from Philadelphia quarters.

The goal of the initiative is to create excitement about coin collecting by introducing rare coins into circulation, allowing anyone the opportunity to collect the quarters from their pocket change.

Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co., the only authorized United States Mint bullion coin seller in the Capital Region, wants to add even more excitement to area residents by offering $500 to the first customer who brings a 2019 “W” quarter into the shop for exchange.


  • Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. is offering to purchase, for $500, one “W” Quarter from the first customer who brings one into the shop for exchange.

  • This is an in-store only, first come, first served offer.

  • Once the qualified Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. staff evaluate the “W” Quarter and deem it authentic, the seller will be paid via check.

  • You must be age18 or older to make this sale. Minors may participate in this coin hunt under supervision of their parent or legal guardian. Checks will only be issued to age 18+ with proof of ID.

  • The seller must be willing to participate in social media and mainstream media coverage.

  • Seller must be willing to wait in — or return to* — the store for up to 2 hours to receive payment, giving reporters a chance to document the exchange of quarter-for-check. (There are many shopping, dining and recreational opportunities along Wolf Road, where Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. is located.)

  • Potential sellers may call the store to inquire if anyone has successfully sold the first W Quarter to Ferris Coin & Jewelry Co. (518) 434-3860

  • In total, the West Point Mint will strike 10 million quarters that will be mixed into bulk bags of quarters at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. In early April, the first of the W mint mark quarters were shipped and distributed to banks and financial institutions by the Federal Reserve. The coins will likely begin to appear in circulation within four to six weeks and will be available throughout 2019.