PHOTOS: Premiere: Sgt. Henry Johnson Silver Round


Ferris Coin Co. premiered its silver Sgt. Henry Johnson round medal at The Palace Theatre in Albany, N.Y. on Wed, June 27, 2018. The event featured a signing by Chris Costello, the artist selected by a community panel after a nationwide contest to design both the obverse and reverse of the medal.

The event featured a brief ceremony during which Ferris Coin honored the Albany veterans of the 369th Regiment (the same regiment Sgt. Johnson served with during World War I) and presented that organization's president, Deryl McCray, with 10 medals to be awarded annually to the winner of the Henry Johnson Award for Distinguished Community Service. Next, McCray presented one of the medals to this year's winner, Jahkeen Hoke.

Afterwards, the panel of community judges was called to the stage to be recognized and presented with medals as a sign of appreciation.

The general public were invited to purchase medals (mint limited to 500) as well as paper and coin currency from World War I.

Sweet Sue's Copper Pot catered the event with a luscious spread of fruits and meats and more. WMHT Public Media's documentary film about Sgt. Henry Johnson played (with permission) during the event.

For one night, Sgt. Henry Johnson's name ran boldly across the marquee of this grand old theater.

To purchase a Sgt. Henry Silver Round Commemorative Medal, come to the Ferris Coin Co. shop at 199 Wolf Road in Albany NY or visit: